About Us
We provide an environment where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, supported, respected and comfortable and are able to contribute to our service.

About Us

We provide an environment where children, parents, families and educators feel safe, secure, supported, respected and comfortable and are able to contribute to our service.
Our Philosophy

At Kindy Kids we strive to provide an educational, inspiring, welcoming and fun learning environment for children to develop to their full potential. We offer a loving, caring, safe home-like ethos that is warm and inclusive of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and family situations.

All children are unique with different interests, backgrounds and developmental stages. We ensure that our program provides developmentally age appropriate activities for each individual to master new challenges that are meaningful to build their self-esteem as they develop and learn.

Children are provided with choices, responsibilities and opportunities to initiate their own learning. Children will work independently and in groups to express, imagine, explore, discover and think for themselves.

Child interest and learning areas in our planning are guided by the National Quality standards and the early years learning framework.
  • Children Belonging to their natural environment will enhance their interest in all developmental learning areas. Having shared responsibility for our natural and built up environments between parents, educators, children, centre and the community.

    We encourage environmental sustainability and pride ourselves on promoting and involving the children in water conservation, recycling, and growing herbs and plants in our garden.
  • Our program provides opportunities for children to follow a structural and flexible routine to prepare for a smooth transition into school.

    Families are a vital aspect to our program working in partnership we are able to offer support, children feel valued, positive interactions, child’s interest, establish open and honest communication, supported, respect, trust, issues of concern, listening, participate in events, and input in the program.
  • Encouraging children to learn through play will strengthen each child’s, emotional, social, physical, mathematical and language development.

    Our program provides high quality childcare and we will continue to reflect upon our policies, practises and beliefs to achieve this outcome.

    Passionate, experienced, motivated and dedicated Educators work together to develop good practises on the program, impact children’s lives, and provide enriching actives on a daily basis.

General Information

  • Communication
  • We feel it is important for parents to be kept fully informed about their child’s day and what they will be learning throughout the term. We will relate information via a notice board, newsletter, facebook and emails. We always welcome Parental participation or any suggestions you may have.
  • New Starter
  • When starting Kindy please provide A3 portfolio for your child’s art work, a packet of biscuits/crackers, coloured or white paper, google eyes, paper plates, 3 glue sticks
  • What to bring to each session
  • A water bottle with your child’s name on it, a spare change of clothes clearly labelled a hat for outdoor play and sun cream applied to your child before each session.
  • Birthday
  • At your child’s birthday you are welcome to provide a cake or biscuits for all the children to share at snack time.
  • Medication
  • All Medications must be handed to a member of staff and parents must fill out a medical authority form for medications to be administered.
  • Illness and Injury
  • Parents are asked to keep infectious children at home. A child cannot be accepted into our care with signs of any communicable disease or condition which may prejudice the health of others.
    If your child is unwell please phone us to let us know that they will not be attending Kindy.
  • Immunisations
  • When enrolling your child you must provide us with a photocopy of their immunisation record.
  • Fire and emergency evacuation
  • At all times our priority is the safety of the children in our care. In the event of an emergency all play areas and toilets will be checked, and the children will be moved to the emergency point. Emergency services and parents will be notified.
Term Dates 2018
Term 1 5th February – 13th April
Term 2 24th April – 30th June
Term 3 17th July – 22nd September
Term 4 9th October – 8th December
Kindy Kids Daily Routine
9.30 Welcome children, Register, Calendar, Colour/Number/Letter/Shape of the Week, Discuss Today’s activities
9.45 Curriculum planned activities
11.00 Pack Away
11.10 Story time
11.25 Snack time
11.45 Outdoor Play
12.15 Pack Away
12.20 Singing or Circle time
12.25 Goodbye Song


Uniforms are available to purchase at Kindy Kids
T-shirts $13.50 Pink, Grey, Blue

Jumpers $15.00 Pink, Grey, Blue