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Our playgroup is a little different from other playgroups, we will be focusing on a structured routine for 2-3 year old children.

Each week your child will be required to bring a piece of fruit or veg in an individual container to eat for morning tea and a drink bottle with water only. They will also be required to wear a sun hat for outdoor play.

The aim of the Playgroup is to start preparing the children for a smooth transaction into Kindy Kids.

Various activities will be set up each week, incorporating different themes and particularly working on strengthening your child’s fine motor skills, role play, routine, creativity, sharing, physical, social etc.

Playgroup - Kind Kids Perth

Kindys Kids Playgroup

How Does it work ?

Intergenerational Playgroup

The reasons behind the playgroup is recent research has proven that bringing two generations together has increasing benefits for both.

Playgroup benefits include:
• Social inclusion
• proving stimulation
• increasing awareness between generations
• friendships
• linking members of the community
• respect and values with elderly
• broaden children experiences
• nurturing relationships
• cultural diversity
• reducing symptoms of dementia, depression etc
• learning new skills
• sense of purpose
• alleviate fears children have of elderly
• fill a void for children who do not or see grandparents
• help keep family stories, history alive
• aids cognitive
• physical activity
• youth introduce technology into life of seniors
• demonstrating skills, talents to children
• laughter, love, happiness, enjoyment, relationships, support , connection

Playgroup - Kind Kids Perth

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