Some kind words of appreciation from parents.

Some kind words of appreciation from parents.
This spunky monkeys teacher just pulled me aside to tell me how well Caleb was doing at school. She is particularly pleased with his fine motor skills and praised Caleb for always doing his best with everything.

She was of the opinion that we had done a lot of work with Caleb at home to prepare him for Kindy and as much as I'd like to take credit for how wonderful my son is I have to praise Kindy Kids for the awesome work they did last year to get Caleb school ready.

Thanx, Gillian, Sandra and Devina
Chantelle, Ernie and Toby 2018
Thank you so much for being awesome and having the best Kindy program. Ernie has loved every minute of attending.

Thank you for everything you do and making him feel so loved and special. He has learnt so much and we have a lifetime of memories
Claire and Dustin Baxter 2018
Thank you so much for all of the love and the time that you devoted to Zac. He has absolutely loved his time at Kindy Kids and while he is excited to start kindergarten next year he is really going to miss everyone.

We are so grateful that Zac has had such a wonderful experience to start his learning journey and can’t wait for his sister Evie to have the same in a couple of years
Armoire, Caleb and family 2018
It has been such a joy to watch you live your passion for our kids throughout the year. We are so thankful for all the time and effort you invested in Caleb and also Zac.

Our boys have definitely had a wonderful foundation laid for the rest of their school years.
Bert and Tanya Roth 2018
Thank you so much for all the time, effort patience and love that you have put into kindy kids. Bert has thoroughly enjoyed his year with all of you and I know he will miss you next year. Thanks again
Aimee, Rob and cooper 2018
Thank for everything you have done for Cooper. Without your Kindy Kids program Cooper wouldn’t be ready for school next year. You have done an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. My Mummy and Daddy are so proud of me because of you. I’ll miss you lots love cooper
Alison, Jaxon and Whitehead family 2018
Thank you for all your hard work not only this year but with all four of my Kids. Your kindy kids program is truly amazing and you should be so proud of everything you do.

I’m feeling a little sad that I have no more kids to come to Kindy Kids so I am wishing you a fantastic future of happiness
Dupagne and Vessey families 2016
Thank you for the guidance your patience and most of all your passion this year as you took our babies and helped them into big kids.

Your program is so much more than being “school ready” it instills confidence and joy in little people for an entire year that they can carry on with them forever more. We cannot thank you enough for taking care of Ava and Declan and making them feel so special
Raelene, John, Madison, Levi and Kobe 2016
We can’t thank you ladies enough for all you have done for Kobe this year, he has really enjoyed his time at Kindy Kids!
Lara and Ayesha Davis 2016
How can we ever thank you enough. The love and effort you have given Ayesha is unbelievable she has loved every minute that she has been with you and it is no secret that I feel the same way.

I knew from the very first day that I dropped her off that she was in safe loving hands. Although I have no more children to drop off I look forward to popping in for a coffee and catching up
Owen, Kristen and Andrew Beek 2016
You ladies are awesome!! Thank you for running such an amazing program at Kindy Kids. You do such a fabulous job and go above and beyond in so many ways. We really appreciate all you do for our kids. Owen has really enjoyed Kindy Kids and is going to miss seeing you each Friday. Thank you for investing your time and energy into his year. He has gained greater confidence and learnt many new skills throughout the year.
Carly and Cruz 2015
I can’t believe its that time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for all he love and care you put into Cruzy and the program. We feel so lucky to find such a special program with amazing teachers.

Thank you for loving Cruzy as he is, and always making him feel special. Poor cruz doesn’t always get it from other places even tho he said he never wanted to go every week I know he loved it and had a ball. We are going to miss seeing you every week. See you in 2017 when its summer turn
Kristy and Chad 2015
We just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful pre kindy program you run. Kindy Kids is fantastic you are all so caring and definitely love your job.

The way you prepare our little ones for big school is amazing. We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Rylan this year and Jayla in 2013. They have both loved your program and thrived in it. Rylan has come a long way this year, all thanks to you lovely ladies.

Thank you for going above and beyond we are certainly going to miss Kindy Kids. We will be continuing to spread the word about how great it is.
Kylie and Chelsey 2015
I want to take this time to thank you for the fantastic time Chelsey has had this year at Kindy Kids. She has grown in confidence and her personality has come shining through. You have enabled her to grow, learn and gain so much happiness
Agnieszka and Michela 2015
Thank you so very much for all your hard work over the year. Levi and I can’t thank you and the girls enough for all your efforts, time , love and attention you’ve shown the kids and the huge impact you’ve made on our little man.

You’ve been our second home and an amazing introduction to the start of Levis education, one he will never forget and share so many incredible memories and keepsakes. We don’t doubt Levi will be begging to come and visit again, hopefully as the years pass he will slowly get used to the idea of big school.

Mike and I just wanted to say thank you form the bottom of our hearts for taking care of our little monkey. We are all so sad to be leaving Kindy kids but have the hope we shall see you all very soon when no2 comes along
Jessica Lucas and Jacob 2015
Thank you so much for caring for and nurturing my boys. They always talk about you and say you are all their best friends at Kindy Kids. They have learnt so much this year and in the short time they have spent with you, you have really enriched their lives.
Bree, Ken Maddie, Xavier and Milo 2015
Words cannot express how thankful we are to have you in our lives. Not only have you educated both Maddie and Xavier with love and kindness but you have opened your heart and arms to us outside teaching responsibilities.

You are all simply amazing human beings and deserve every happiness life brings your way.
Chris, Tammy, Shelby and Stephanie 2015
A teacher should have a special place in every child’s heart. Because in this game of life they help them get their start. I just want to thank you Gillian, Sandra and Devina for all the things you’ve done. You are very special teachers and to me you’re number 1
Paula and Abby 2014
We couldn’t be more pleased with the job you have done this year. Abby has loved every minute of Kindy Kids.

Thank you for taking such good care of her and for everything you have taught her. You will be greatly missed
Marie and Keith Kitchin 2014
Thank you so much for making Graces time at Kindy Kids so special. She has been so excited and happy to go to “her school” and proud of all her work she brings home.

We are sad to say goodbye but so thankful for the positive start to school that you have given her. Thank you
Emma and Brett Fox 2014
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher to Addison. From a shy scared little girl Addi just loves Kindy and can’t wait to come each week.

The program has been nurturing the children and it’s easy to see that you really do care about each of them. I hope you know how much this is appreciated